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VIRTUE lyrics : "Cry No More"

[Verse 1:]
Only one way, I am the key,
life and love is only given through Me.

I care about your heart
and what you've been through,
I'm waiting here patiently for you.

[Bridge 1:]
Let not your heart be (troubled),

you're never left all alone;
cast all your cares (upon Me),
when you are weak, I'll be strong.

I'll wipe away your tears,

calm your fears,
I'll give freely, just ask of me.

I'll take away your pain,
remove all shame,
my love's for sure,

cry no more,
cry no more.

[Verse 2:]
So you say, say you don't believe
someone could love you unconditionally.

You say you've been hurt before,
you don't wanna be hurt no more,
if only you could see, you can rely on me.

[Bridge 2:]
Those tears you cry,

I've cried (a thousand times),
I know just how you feelin'.
But joy comes once you (realize)

the love I have is real.


[Bridge 1]


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