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VIRAL LOAD lyrics : "Skill-Sawdomy"

An abomination in the eyes of the lord woe unto thou seeker of forbidden fruits
Thy sins of sodomy shalt not go unpunished so saith the lord, thy god
The lord speakerth through me as his vessel of judgement his wrath eternal

Ye repenteth not
Åhis wordsÅ
Åmy wordsÅ

The holy spirit has blessed us with his presence
10 AMPs of divine power
Flows through my hands thou shalt be uprooted

Cut like a cancer by a jewel of your flesh
Down the middle of thy shaft your ^&@#$ cut into twine
Thy !@#* ripped in half at 4500 RPMs for this iniquity against the king of kings

Thou art an abomination to me drinker of masculine seed
Your flesh shalt be cleansed as your blood stains my blade
Shredding your colon severing your intestines

Heathen queer of the devil may the lord of hosts given me the strength to drive thee out
By the blood of the cross, I case y out!
She sacrifice for your sins have been offered the blood of thy flesh has washed your sins away

Now the atonement has been accepted

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