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VIRAL LOAD lyrics : "Ice-Pick Vasectomy"

87 thoughts, masterpieces in the making
Contempt for the one she loved
Death, a slow, torturous one

Desires meet dread, love blends with wrath
Love is so blind
87 punctures, an ice/pick vasectomy

Emotions swelling with black hatred
Slashing in a murderous rage
Revenge of the most heinous king

87 gouges, vasectomizing
The worker of iniquity atonement of blood
By the one who caressed her

Not by a dead impersonal god
Rage is also blind
A corpse who no longer bleeds

^&@#$ turned into swiss cheese
Sorry son of a (*##$ whoÃ's life is the atonement of sin
Paid for in his own blood

You adulterous $#&@!

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