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VIRAL LOAD lyrics : "Cumstained Murderweapon"

Oriental beauty lady of the night
Enters my van we go to an isolated area
No sign of civilization just her and me, alone

Demonic lust takes over beaten to semi-conciseness
Bound and gagged
I move her into position lying face-down

I spread her thighs her womanhood
I forcefully plunder
$#&@ her! Rape her!

Molest the !@^%!
Pierced nipples severed !@$%oris feminine circumcision
She will never !@($ again dirty !@^%!

Sodomize the worthless (*##$ feel the build up throb inside
Face her to your erect member uncontrollable ejaculation on her face splatters
RazorÃ's edge the incision to the larynx is performed

For memories are eternal in a culvert lifeless she lies

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