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Someone said, something loud, something bad
in outrage, in desire
just to hurt her; A dreadful thing

has been said
killing something innocent
innocent as it's pure. Being weak as insecure

What was a joy within her, it won't ever shine again

What used to smile inside her, it won't ever smile again

Now go, and blame this all on me

As bitter as sin, as heavy as guilt
They'll crush the ground, never to stop!

She kept them silent, she held it in
Shame does weight as words can kill!

Have it your way

Sparkling chills upon her face

carved disgrace, tears - erase them;
leaches suck her dry
she must not cry,

'Cause if she does,
she knows it won't ever stop;

If she lets go!, than I'll follow,
Bitter tasting pill she swallows,
If she lets go, she won't ever smile again

Fearing of the first of cries
that leaves her eye, what follows behind

the Army of Many, the earth to grind it
and dig the hole way down to China.

hold it in, and I'll help to hold it back
hold it in, just for you

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