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Hold my hand and walk with me
Into the unknown
Hold my hand and walk with me

Into the unknown

Take my oath

'cause I'll never be the same
I changed somewhere,
Somewhere along the way

I hanged my old self
On the rusty nail
And waiting for that spark,

That made a better day

Projecting yourself into others,

Making them see what you see,
Making them do what you always imagined inside your pitiful head,
While I'm here, why don't you end up dead?

It never made much sense,
Still having this dream, where I could change this world, and in the end...

I'll give up, with all my hopeless efforts
With this last silent cry

I will give up
I will give in

Maybe I hold the cure to your disease,
You'll just have to trust me, does it hurt to breathe?

It hurts! Every breath you take proves I can't live without you

The only place where I feel safe

Where I can see again,
As I slowly came out of my slave shell,
With bloody pearls in my hand

And my lungs collapse with every tragic breath

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