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VINNIE PAZ : When You Need Me lyrics

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VINNIE PAZ lyrics : "When You Need Me"

(feat. Apathy, Planetary)


the most toxic, dough overflows the pockets
with ho's so exotic, it blows your optics
I'm flashy, Egyptian kings couldn't surpass me

chameleon Nikes that change colour to match me
I used to date a gangster (*##$ like Apache
but that dumb ho pronounced my name A-pathy

and ever since William Cooper been deceased
police watch every AOTP release
and they tap when we speak

when we rap over beats
when we crap when we eat
or relax with a freak

I'm a emperor, stay with a crown as a jury
ride around when we dirty to the sound of the fury
you're unworthy, to walk this ground or observe me

back packers pack bags leave town in a hurry
the AOTP, we just similar citizens
sinister circle of serpants eatin virgins for dinner

emergin as winners, from summer to winter
the sons of the ministers burnin down churches
and chokin Jehova's witnesses

Known for they viciousness, the ignorance kings
who hang ho's from the ceiling by their [email protected]$%toris rings
Manchurian Candidate, who's brain went AWOL

walkin' through hurricane rainfall, with a chainsaw
Dr. Claw, droppin' y'all, only see my hand (*##$
catch you in the subway and serve you a knuckle sandwich

Vinny that's my brother, that mother$#&@er helped me
my first appearance ever was a Jedi Mind LP
so till our blood is absorbed, in morgue floor boards

we'll live by the sword, and die by the sword


... It's the raw, Planetary

Let me explain the rain that is intended

to drown the universe and drain the heads selected
I'm like a pet detective, watchin' your dogs
I'm dodgin' the law, cops saw me plot in the fog

so I scooped Vinnie Paz, ^!$$% hop in the car
I'm rockin' Pac, Big Pop, D-Block and Ras
somebody gotta die, if I gots to go you gots to go

but I'm a die, with a hot flow
Timbs with my socks low
my death wish is to die on the Soul Plane

next to Chuck D., Coltrane and Cobain
I never sniffed a $#&@in' line of cocaine
I'm r.a.w., youngins don't know Kane

you just a lyin' coward
I'm rap's Brian Howard
swingin' bats for the raps for ten violent hours

Paz dial the numbers, I supply 'em with thunder
it's the fourth quarter, bottom of summer(hahahaha...)

[Vinnie Paz:]
Yeah! Planet, What up baby?
Apathy, what up cousin?

AOTP in the buildin'
What up Reef, what up Mach
7l, Eso(teric) King Syze

all of y'all it's love baby


Yo I'm God incarnate, from the grimiest back blocks
Pazienza lyrical equivalent of sasquatch

low %#@!, baggy nautica with the gatt @@#!ed
you ho %#@!, tight jeans, pink with the tank top
you make the kind of rap music that [email protected]$)s watch

I make the kind of rap music that stab cops
I brought it raw, I been here ever since
I remeber you the [email protected]$)get wearin' gear like you prince

the type of [email protected]$)get shed a tear when you pitch
I'm the type to disappear and reappear in a clinch
I'm here in a clinch, you know I'm always here for my fam
the type that $#&@ somebody up and drink a beer with my fam
BLAP BLAP! (hahahaha...)

Heh! Pazman, Louie Dogs!
Apathy,(hahahaha...) yeah, what up Plan, baby
($#&@in' clowns) what's good?
(Jedi Mind in the buildin')AOTP

(yo Stoupe)Celph, what up daddy?
Stoupe my brother
We runnin' this rap %#@!
We runnin' this rap %#@!
(yeah, we runnin' it)

Jedi Mind, we runnin' this rap %#@!
(yeah we runnin' that %#@!)
the God Jus Allah!
(what up God?)
It feels so good to be back baby!

Haha, feels so good...
Hahahaha... (Hahahaha...)

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