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VINNIE PAZ : The Oracle lyrics

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VINNIE PAZ lyrics : "The Oracle"

[Verse 1]
I'm a bull in a china shop, watch how the uzi spit
Who we with, bros with hammers and they like too legit

I ain't got any time for your foolishness
Raw raps from the same place where the Kufi sits
He the mo'$#&@er always sippin' goose and %#@!

Stomp a rapper out, Timberland boots and %#@!
The left hand is what I give you the contusions with
The right hand is where I write all of the ruthless %#@!

Survival of the fit on my Lil' Boosie %#@!
My hands are made of stone cut from that Madusa %#@!
Big gold chains, we was on that dookie %#@!

Still roll with the kids I stole the Gucci with
I punch you dead in the face so $#&@ the music %#@!
The guns Commando, Hollywood movie %#@!

Y'all aware y'all on that Lollapalooza %#@!
Let the beard grow, Alhamdulillah, sufi %#@!
Y'all are scared when I step inside the booth and %#@!

Cuttin' mo'$#&@ers cell roll on that sushi %#@!
Y'all are cowards, y'all'll only talk on computer %#@!
This a Haitian ritual, I'm on my voodoo %#@!

[Hook: Samples]
Find out who's the realest (Vinnie)

Rock it not quick
What I'mma hit you with you mother$#&@ers better duck

[Verse 2]
Death before dishonor, tiger blood y'all are fake
I let the 4.5 blocka blocka rob his cake

Dead Sea overlook the view from inside a grave
The dictionary definition of dominate
Y'all weak Germantown brown, lord, lots of shake

Fat bull, but my pockets never out of shape
You a (*##$, security guard lock the gates
The Louis Vuitton bootleg, Prada fake

I'm tryin' to make the same money that Madonna make
Eyes never lie, I'm surprised that you not with Jake
Rhymes and one tape, record an album in an hour straight

You a pile of waste, I see a sucker and salivate
Cutting mother$#&@ers of, time to consolidate
A thousand pounds of weight'll force your heart to palpitate

It's Armageddon for you mother$#&@ers, lock the date
Any (*##$ I meet means that I'mma copulate
My revolution will be met with Peter Tosh's fate

That's the reason that the God is tryin' to populate
A connoisseur, I can tell you how the vodka taste
The 4.5 lift you, sent you into outer space

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