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VINNIE PAZ : Bushmaster Music lyrics

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VINNIE PAZ lyrics : "Bushmaster Music"

The $#&@ you say now huh
Mother$#&@er I'am strapped!
The $#&@ is up now?

I got the AR15 let me hit his head
Heard us running up inside the crib and then he %#@! his bed

I ain't try to hear nothing cousin give me bread
The only thing inside my duffle bag is shrunken heads

That's how mother$#&@in grimey we are
You don't wanna see how mother$#&@in violent we are
Or where the mother$#&@in silencers are

What the asiatic mother$#&@in sciences are

I know you saying that this mother$#&@er curse a lot

I'm just trying to balance out the fact you rock a purse a lot
I heard you suck dicks and walk around in skirts a lot
Listen to Kanye West, recite his verse a lot

Pazienza, I don't rock with that soft %#@!
We juicecrew, hilltop,hardcore %#@!

We got the mind think of uncut raw %#@!
That put his mother$#&@in body in the morgue %#@!,

Poet what up?
Pistolvania the official pistol gang !
all day!

it's murder baby!

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