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VINNIE PAZ : Bad Day lyrics

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VINNIE PAZ lyrics : "Bad Day"

[Verse 1:]
Some people wake up late, I wake up mad late

All the time hungover, it's a sad state
I love liquor, she my (*##$ and her $$# great
But I don't remember anything from our last date

I wipe the sleep from my eyes and I peep my phone
Twenty texts, thirty calls, just leave me alone
My head pounding like crazy, I need some Patron

That's the hair of the dog, god need a bone
Kiss my mama on the cheek, she look beautiful
(Vinnie you're a mess, what I'm gonna do with you?)

I know you cooking something
(Yeah, I made some food for you
Managut, bragol, and some brigutte too)

I told you wild times ma I don't $#&@ with pork
Please pass the lucatelli and a bunch of salt
The phone ring, it's the police but who would've thought?

This mother$#&@ing pig telling me I'm due in court


Every time I feel this %#@! is going my way
Something come along and $#&@ up my day
I had a rhyme in my mind now there's nothing to say

And cousin that just $#&@ed up my day

Driving down the block someone cut in my way

That %#@! went and $#&@ed up my day
Rap critics, they always got something to say
I would never let that $#&@ up my day

[Verse 2:]
I don't know where the $#&@ I'm at today

I drank a couple of bottles, I guess I have to pay
This (*##$ laying next me, she look like Cassius Clay
Gotta get outta here before she asks me to stay

I don't know how I got here in the first place
She had a banging body but she had the worst face
I guess I act like an animal, I deserve hate

She must've lured me in with white like she was third base
It ain't hard to convince me to do some dumb %#@!
Especially when I'm on that get high and drunk %#@!

That's why Vinnie always end up with a dumb (*##$
The only thing I'm never on is on some punk %#@!
I'm on the other side of town and I'm walking dolo

Panerai watch, Gucci kicks, lots of Polo
Goons ran up on the kid, put the gat to my dome
I was caught slipping, I left the ratchet at home


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