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Vicki Yohe : One That I Pursue lyrics

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Vicki Yohe lyrics : "One That I Pursue"

You had become quite a prodigal
Never intending to wonder off so far
But aside from all your foolishness

This one thing is true
You're still the one that I pursue
Now many have told you

What you believe is a lie
And many have shown you
The road to compromise

And you can chase all their philosophy
But before you do
You're still the one that I pursue

You're still the one who moves my soul
I'd run a million miles to bring you home

And I wouldn't be the God that I say I am
If I didn't make this promise to you
You're still the one that I pursue

There is no hiding place that I will not seek out
There is no sin that I can't forget about
So before your heart condemns you.

Give me this chance to prove
You're still the one that I pursue

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