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Vicki Yohe : All Through The Night lyrics

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Vicki Yohe lyrics : "All Through The Night"

When twilight comes
When shadows gather
When clouds of trouble hover low

When sorrow steals the joy of laughter
I have a place where I can go
A place where you surround me

Keep me
Hide me
Lord, I feel you all around me

And I know you'll stay beside me

All through the night

Safely I'll abide
Underneath the shadow of your wings
I close my eyes

I will arise
In the light of a million mornings

When this short day
Gives way to darkness
When precious light begins to fade

I will not fear
Though night approached
I'll rest and know my life is safe

Safe within your arms so strong
And tender
Safe until a new day

Calls me to your side forever

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