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VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR lyrics : "A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers: Presence Of The Night / Kosmos Tours"

'Alone, alone' the ghosts all call,
pinpoint me in the light.
The only life I feel at all

is the presence of the night.

Would you cry if I died?

Would you catch the final words of mine?
Would you catch my words?
I know that there's no time

I know that there's no rhyme...
false signs find me
I don't want to hate,

I just want to grow;
why can't I let me
live and be free?

but I die very slowly alone.
I know more ways,
I am so afraid,

myself won't let me
just be myself
and so I am completely alone...

The maelstrom of my memory
is a vampire and it feeds on me

now, staggering madly, over the brink I fall.

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