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VAMPIRE WEEKEND : walcott lyrics

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VAMPIRE WEEKEND lyrics : "walcott"

Don't you know
That it's insane?

Don't you want to
Get out of Cape Cod?
Out of Cape Cod tonight?

Mystic seaport

Is that that way
Don't you know
That your life could be lost?

Out of Cape Cod tonight


The Bottleneck
Is a %#@!-show

Is a ghetto
Out of Cape Cod tonight

The Lobster's Claw

Is sharp as knives
Evil feasts
On human lives

The Holy Roman Empire
Roots for you

All the way to
New Jersey

All the way to
The Garden State
Out of Cape Cod tonight

F**k the women

From Wellfleet
F**k the bears out
In Provincetown

Out of Cape Cod Tonight

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