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VADO lyrics : "White Collar"

Credit A1, moon kay like my lay done
Told ^!$$% and 2chain day 1
Don't play dumb like who sayin' them things one

For at least 40 coops forty I can't front
Jewels flowless chicks two is dude gorgeous
Shoot the formest, bugged out I use organ

Panoramic the panorama the shoes walkin'
Crystal .. when I'm walkin' the New York in
Keep the Larry fish the carry fist

I want it more divorce grams the marry bricks
On the low down the dirty shame and tally rich
I told em I'm just a better gray like kally (*##$

Holly mentions rap mansion
Big girl in this helly hanson black venson
Back .. check schemin', crack hand in

Trap standin' on the cope we tap dancin'
Other stores getting height when I'm coming in
And that thing on twice gotta punch it in,

All day I'll be ball like the motherf*cker
And the back withdrawal like a motherf*cker

The car getting high when I'm coming in
If th thing don't swipe gotta punch it in
Come on!

I'll be ballin' like a motherf*cker
In the back withdrawal like a motherf*cker

F*ck up all day in and out of banks
Just cop the .. and I'm out of A

They say I'm the last drag in
Now I'm Ady out cattie with the piranha tank
Uh, I'm singing sharks like you gotta drink

Out of sink crewing the inner, you see a lot of minks
Top of the rinks in the town here I'ma brinks
And that flex on ^!$$%s more than shopper rink

Main bended, name gambin', book car fast like professor they can't stand it
4/4 in black I blend blame it,
Corner stone strap like ain't the same ..

Play the partner till the sun is down
No AC on the carpet counting money pounds
Ball ring .. till there's hundred round.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa