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VADO lyrics : "Slime Flu Intro"

I'm here to speak with you today about the symptoms of the swine flu
It's important that people recognize the symptoms of swine flu and seek medical care if necessary
If you... swine flu infection have been reported and if you... with flu like symptoms, then you may want to contact your healthcare provider

Serious, then you wonder where they all get their slag from
... passed up, true sex show they $$# from

$#[email protected] all [email protected]($s, I make that cash come
So much, dish your last year I had a... $$# run
The swine flu is no good for you, six foot way and dressing like me

Good for you,.. can do, I'm halfway in but... do
Sugar who,.. me, [email protected][email protected] look at you
... stoop, no cracks on me, stags on me, watching my low man's tracks for me

No burb calling when they all clap for me
Turn your back on me, bully say hit your back on me
Fists $#[email protected] on who ever, $#[email protected] [email protected][email protected], nothing's wrong with plucking a few feathers

Do tell'em more furs than Cruela, the... backseat place... leathers

If you become I'll and experience any of the following morning signs, get emergency medical care

I won't jump in the pan, I stay inside when it's hot,

My... choose like prudential, I rely on the rock
All I do is bring back what's inside the pot
Tying to send a bad message I reply with a shot

Not from the Glock, lost focus, tone scoop me but I'll kill him right with the dangerous mind like Coolio
A wavy hair Jamaican call me a cooly bro
Wake up in the... crib,.. as a studio

This is the beginning, the whole city wants him,
For them... drop fifty on him
... duck, he stands... more than 50 on him

Boys talk... listen 7 50 calling
So why to squeeze, I don't need him
I got enough ghouls believing, you don't wanna see em

$#[email protected] brawling who brawling, I want a damn
... put damn on girl for... like a damn

Slime flu infection, what to do if you get sick?

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