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VADO lyrics : "No Turning Back"

[Intro: Vado]
Most hated
Frank Sinatra

[Verse 1: Vado]
I keep a swisher 40 de-roll

walking down the block like Im bishop 40 below
tell em get your forty of those
we hit em before they close

a quarter if its forties pros
Im on T im gone with those
Rollie arm is froze with no heat Ma its cold

played the block like Ebaka's Role
me and G wal like OG, one and Hov
every brick we forty-forty on it

20 go to the click make sure that shorty want it
aint maddest lips when it lip
like when you blow a trumpet

dont want your shift on the strip
make sure you throw him something
rueger tight, none of my shooters fight

they stop do the dice I win some lose a life
my muta light boy I better and I dont do the ice
my shoes is Mike, rugby sweater with Freddy Krueger stripes

[Hook: Vado]
No Turning back Im here now

rugby shut down, what you gon wear now?
^!$$% $#[email protected] style cause I dont care now
but let me spit some %#@! to bring your ear down

[Verse 2: Vado]
Whats all the commotion?

put the pier in the ocean
dress to sensitive put away your emotions
hit with the vulture and I dont care if you focus

clip and the tray life like roaches where the smokey?
when the work run then holla at me
you need work done? then holla at me

word to my first son, you white collar happy
put my paws on the powder then call that powder scrappy
theres no love in hip hop

punch his throne I bombs it like the brother of Hip Hop
step down off the yacht LV duffle with flip flops
switch the hustle I dip locks

hope you muscle in tip top
ran outta squares you outta shape
like years me mask off and take what out the safe

we only let gats off when things get out of place
by the waste my ^!$$%s keep it like %#@! is not a case


[Verse 3: Vado]

Talk my ^!$$%
Yeah I was running things on this court
ya'll wouldnt be able to walk my ^!$$%

What you thought my ^!$$%?
wonder why your money aint tall?
thats cause your mind think short my ^!$$%

fought my ^!$$%
Who? what you do?
you's was never that

who you shoot?
who you screw?
let me measure that

which you move? One or Two?
where ya fellas at?
hit your crew, one or two boy


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