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VADO lyrics : "Night Rider"

Night riders, getting mad this is..
I'm sitting with my lifus,
For a clip I'm living like

Whoever you feel nicer, I'm nicer!
a lot of cope damage, they
Short legs [email protected][email protected] can't stay with me mad,

And rap stars looking like they ran Hussein.
Night rider!
Wifey can't answer ya calls I'm inside her,

Five-fifty beamers, we've been drivers,
Night rider!
Like long nose for liars,

You rappers ain't hard,
I speak [email protected][email protected] need charging,
reach each target.

Night rider!
It's riding a week
Regardless we are what we are.

This, night rider!
Started from the ground, got spit like
play talkers is day walkers is

Night riders!
Far from a blade, if I'm uninformed is gone,
Cause [email protected][email protected] respond with thethey punch them for.

Too better, we do better as if we love and live better.
pistols put youall upon one click.

Guys sweet, got the.
[email protected]^%s talk, they all back it up in front of crowns,
A bunch of ghost busters with a

My [email protected][email protected]
Sucking that dick in rhymes, I look every in time.
My [email protected][email protected] fit for.,

Same %#@! different place, differencesfor different [email protected][email protected] face.
My [email protected][email protected] infiltrate
Shorty I twist you to come out at night to ride.

Night rider!
Transport, I'm playing the night driver,
For you're trying to see me on a night

[email protected]^%s see you, [email protected][email protected] and we like
Real [email protected][email protected] turn me
Night rider!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa