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VADO lyrics : "Look Me In My Eyes"

(Feat. Rick Ross & French Montana)

[Intro: Vado]
All I wanted was my time flooded

And to be one the next TIME cover
These ^!$$%s don't know the grind of it
Far as painting pictures, I let my mom brush it

[Verse 1: Vado]
You never know a man till you play cards with him

Could even show his hand if you play smart with him
Casino game in the park with him
Chess table, black label, sippin' dark with him

Surrounded by OG's and old fiends
[?] up, like sittin' in the nose bleeds
In the half I move the whole thing

There's no thing make a sound on every phone ring
Get a little fame, they gon' hate
See you in a chain they gon' say your cross fake

Success is a due, you can pay it just cost fate
They say I need me a [?] the walls' draped

[Hook: French Montana]
Look me in my eyes, I was built for this
Got a hundred guns on me, don't get killed for this

^!$$%s say they riding, you ain't riding on my will for this
If I die, hope the lord forgive this %#@!
Look me in my eyes, I'mma keep it 100

I see you f**kbois coming, look me in my eyes
[?], now you f**kbois running
Look me in my eyes

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Pull a Bentley to the block, ribbon on the hood

Just to let you ^!$$%s know who winning in the hood
Got the Benz, got the Rolls, the Acura
12 mill on the floor, she vacuuming around it

I'm at that big money Pacquiao payout
Hit Puff for a mill on the way out
Me and Pharrell [?]

Swear to God I had the SK in the clearport
Double M, we're known to hit your $$# up
Shooters jumping out of their mask like we Daft Punk

Fat Trel, Stalley, ^!$$% (Rockie Fresh!)
We the best, real ^!$$%, rally ^!$$%


[Verse 3: Vado]

No need to front, these hoes know me
I'm Kobe, I'm know for scoring a bunch
Having a bunch in the Plaza, top floor on the Trump

What you grabbed the whole year, I bagged more in a month
Hah, that's right I'm mad nice
Posted in front of corner stores like bad guys

I know your [email protected]^%, she blow the horn like bagpipes
I'm in baby's %#@!, cleaned up like $$# wipes

Like the Tin Man, steel on me without a heart
Been with them soldiers, boy, before [?]
Surrounded by sharks in the ocean with body parts

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