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USURPER lyrics : "Cryptobeast"

Elemental beast
On barren desert winds,you spread your wings

Desert scavenger
Desolation,plague,and pestilential rage

Fiery breath of the desert storms
Drought and starvation,raining locusts swarms

Can not hide,no immunity
Angel of the fatal winds,bringer of disease

I am the beast-on rotting wings I ride
I am the beast-burning the desrt sky
I am the beast-infecting the sand

I am the beast-of the wasteland

Cryptobeast! Crytpobeast! Crytpobeast!

Terrify the priest

Churchyard crushed below,you tower over God
Lamashtu's consort

Incendiary flame

Brought forth to this time again,the plagues again
Casting filth and famine,fatality reigns
"Go forth man of the cloth,and spread my word"

Pazuzu shall spare none,the world of man I scourge

I am the beast-descending death arrives

I am the beast-horror in the dather's eyes
I am the beast-living blasphemy
I am the beast-and all shall worship me

Cryptobeast! Crytpobeast! Crytpobeast!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa