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USHER : What Happened To U lyrics

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USHER lyrics : "What Happened To U"

From the beginning knew what I was kidding
But I was with it and I'll admit that

she was clear that once I got it .. with me
as if for me to let it go
from my time I got money

but money no buy time
I got a head some to let behind
no one is yours just sign as is out of light

and in no time

Pre Chorus:

Money, clothes, fancy cars big oh cribs platinum moon the walls
seven Grammies, sold out concerts day I'm up and working hard
private jets to friends many women nothing had a ball

You can say I made it but I'm faded

'cause I miss you can we go back
but our issue is time we can get back
happen to you, come back

'cause I miss you can I go back
what happened to u, ohh you
and maybe that you ohh

what I wanted free as I wanted

Do what I wanted freak as a hundred

I still only mine, mind on the money
had whatever, whenever hot black forever
black young and clever

when you give it all, you give it all
love to be the only reason to look baby
and what you do to all you can't turn it all

for picture me complaining when all this

[Pre Chorus:]


What sense does it make to have everything

and nothing at the same time
where are you
I need you

I'm looking for you
girl come and share

[Pre Chorus:]

Wherever you are girl
wherever you are, still the same old you
wherever you are girl, wherever you are

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