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USHER : Secret Garden lyrics

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USHER lyrics : "Secret Garden"

Ooh your special secret baby
Yea, ah baby ooh
Ooh yea

Ooh ooh ooh oh yea
Yea man

I wanna reach your mind
And know you deepest feelings

I wanna make it right
For you
Baby show me

Let me share the mystery babe


Oh! (come on â?? 4x) (come here)
Listen to your heart

Girl (come on â?? 3x)
Ooh make it all right
Yea girl (come on, come on tonight)

Tell me your secret im gonna keep it


I know a melody
That we can sing together
Ive got the secret key

To you baby yea!
Lets make music
On my mouth its ecstasy yea!

Oh! (come on â?? 4x) (come here)

Why donâ??t you sing it to me baby
Weâ??re in the garden
Where temptation feels so right

Passion can make you fall
For what you feel
in the garden we can make it come alive

every night

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