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USHER : One Day You'Ll Be Mine lyrics

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USHER lyrics : "One Day You'Ll Be Mine"

Check it out
Come on
I'm sayin

You gon' be mine

First time I saw you baby

You did something to me
That no one else has ever done
Oh-its something in your eyes

Caught me by surprise
And told me that you were the one
Oh-but what's bad is I know you got a man

And he'll never understand
The chemistry between me and you-Ah baby

Something inside of me
It's saying you and I were meant to be
If you can think it you can have it

That's why I believe


One day you'll be mine[mine]
No more creepin,sleepin around

No whisperin when he's around
One day you'll be mine

Now eveytime I see you baby
Its plain to see
That I'm everything you've been missin' at home baby

So much love to share
Its something in the air
Tellin me I should never leave you alone

But even though
I know you gotta man
He'll never understand

The chemistry between me and you-Ah baby
You can try to stop it but it won't quit
You say you don't when I know that you want it

I know,one day you'll be mine


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