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US5 lyrics : "The Day You Cried"

I've seen the pain I caused, It's hard for me to lie
I didn't mean to make you cry

We could've built a castle high up in the sky

But the love we shared is somewhere far away


How deep is your love, girl I can't deny?
The pain that I feel you're the reason why
If only I could've known that I could be so wrong

How deep is love, I can see it inside
The times you cried and stayed by my side
I finally realised, the day you cried

I've lived and learned, some painful lessons in my life

And girl, the truth I can't deny


Just give me one more chance to make this turn out right
Cause I need you here forever in my life



I feel your pain, I need your touch
I see the truth inside these tearful eyes

I know next time, I'll make it up to you
I can't live without you

I swear I'll be true
Girl all that I need, is to be where you are

[Chorus 2x]

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