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Us From Outside : Your Heart And Mine lyrics

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Us From Outside lyrics : "Your Heart And Mine"

She is a mystery under my sheet, I kiss her lips,
The moon and the stars illuminate her eyes.

So tell me, what does it mean, to open up open up our hearts,
and meet each other in the dark.

And this is not going by, because the gravity between your heart
and mine, will pull us together, no matter how far we are, how
long were gone.

So tell me, what it means to open up, open
up our hearts, and fall into each other's arms.

By the time you close your eyes, this song will play, changing
every dream you know(don't let it go, don't let it go) (x2)

I don't know why, shes scared to show her face to me (x2)

My love holds only promise, My love holds only promise.
(Only for you) (x3)

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