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Us From Outside : I'm Not Opposed To Getting Hit By A Car lyrics

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Us From Outside lyrics : "I'm Not Opposed To Getting Hit By A Car"

Six feet as it marks the end of me,
I try to follow but the great men always lead.
The path ahead, encased in treachery.

And I can honestly say that I'm afraid.
(Someone had a nightmare here, it's written on an empty heart)

The separation of a brave man fallen hard,
Though quite indifferent knows the way is in his heart.

I've come to terms with the end.
(How the $#&@ is everyone just dead? How did it all just end?)

And I fall down, I know, though I know that I will stand again.
The children are watching us, they're watching us.
(Send in the monsters)

A desperate man will stop at nothing to erase all the burdens and mistakes
He caused to those that he embraced.

(Someone had a nightmare here, let's pray until it's over)


The sheltered and the wicked see no need for enemies... enemies.
(How the $#&@ is everyone just dead? How did it all just end?)

Watch us all collapse into the dust from which we came.
(The children are) Watching Us.
Though I know. Though I know. (I'm binded by the words I've lost here)

So I sent this letter written to whoever with a map that leads to nothing,
Nothing at all.

I'm sorry to mislead you, Oh Well.

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