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URIEL RIVERA : Moon lyrics

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URIEL RIVERA lyrics : "Moon"

takes a lot of poison for us to, to forget all about our worries, darling run from the sun now hurry, 'fore the light catches up and buries, you with light and you're shown who you are, malnourished tired and too scarred, the promised land is just too far, away from our reach there is no star,
only desert land right in front of us, lonely crescent moon that will lie to us, enemies beside us no trust, but you're used to this thing so it's no fuss, i'm so used to it now that it's no fun, cause it's lost its luster and no one, can bring us up let's not judge, i'm cold right now but there's no grudge,
it's scary cause i won't go nuts, even though that lonely road runs, right in front for miles and it's just, teasing us making fun so i just run.

chorus: run to the edge of the world, hoping there is something more than what i've already heard, and we run, to the edge of our dreams, making sure there is nothing left but the same answer i've seen.
makes a lot of sense to just let it out, singing the blues rap any way how, you feel it right now it is okay, there are no rules cause it is no game, you get no chance if you run no where, so run don't stay cause there is no fear, feet are tired now there is no chair, head is hanging low but i don't care,
where is the end nobody knows where, it is worthless to ask better prepare, when you searching for the end to your tears, and a place you believe that is more fair,

like soulless animal you crawl, you believe god won't hear if you call, keep on seeing the same path that you saw, circle around the world heaven won't fall,
so search for the ladder to go up, been searching for that for who knows what, countless years and a few moments, the days go slow but i keep running.

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