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Urbandub lyrics : "Bright City Kids"

I confess, I Confess
That sometimes I lie

Put a ribbon on your box
Of empty promises, promises
I prefer to rebel and to burn in hell

Cuz if killing you is wrong
I don't wanna be right

If the world is against us
Then we'll blow it away

Oh youth, come and flood

These streets
All filled with deceit
The minds of bright city kids

Know who you are
Gotta know who you are
You gotta know

Yourself first

Switch a blade

Pull the trigger just to feel alive
Always feeding off the rush
A brave front cover

Fallen angels running blind
Another pill won't hurt
An escape, a release I'm delivered

(Refrain and Chorus)

So pray, so I pray
To believe in god

When all your luck runs out
Then that's all you got
And I pray and I pray

To believe in god
When all your faith is dead
Then you're all you got

(Refrain and twice Chorus)

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa