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UPWAYS : Hras lyrics

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UPWAYS lyrics : "Hras"

Something's different in the way that I been thinkin',
Making a new flow, floating till i sink in,
Like what's he thinking this time around,

Time to find out, why I float when I lye down,
Whatever happened to our dreams being rappers,
Had it all planned out, now I'm going backwards,

Something happened along the way,
But that song for another day,
Till now I'm going up UPWAYS,

Still practising my beat, when I'm strapped into my seat,
Let me see what's to good for you to read,
This %#@! I writ for me and my eyes only,

One in a lifetime chance to keep flowing,
They tell me keep goin' but I'm to $#&@edd up,
Forgot the last verse brain gone corrupt $#&@kk,

Sick of waiting for something to just happen,
Like it's all good bro just stick with the rappen',
But it ain't and I can't thank enough mates,

Who been there, through thick and thin now I must take,
Another chance to make it all back,
Thank the crew and thank you wish I could bring it backkk . . .

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