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UPTOWN XO lyrics : "Fishburn"

Furious: "We can't afford to be afraid of our own people anymore, man...
It's called gentrification

That's what happens when the property value of a certain area is brought down
You listening? They bring the property value down, they can buy the land at a lower price
Then they move all the people out, raise the property value, and sell it at a profit

What we need to do is we need to keep everything in our neighborhood, everything, black
Black owned with black money, just like the Jews, the Italians, the Mexicans, and the Koreans do"
Man: "Ain't nobody from outside bringing the property value down, it's these folks

Shooting each other and selling that crack rock and %#@!"

[Verse 1:]

I ain't trying to perform, I'mma stick to the norm
$#[email protected] being like them, ^!$$% we try and win
We ain't being the same and ain't hanging with them

Cause them ^!$$%s won't change and I think the chances is slim
They all wanna look alike, throw away they whole life
Live life through the eyes of they idols, give me the light

These ^!$$%s ain't seeing right, represent the street, you might
But you a (*##$ if you ain't tucking your youngins in every night
How you a daddy, clubbing, popping bottles in the air

Your newborn baby bottle was empty like your head
Your baby mom's called your side chick, [???]
Now I know what they mean when they say, "less is more."

Fast money, the motor for
Every young ^!$$% in the hood over 4
Seems like they wanna breed us to go to war

But you gotta focus, y'all, soldiers died over oil, y'all
It's all on you

I wish more white and colored men would stand up and fight for their home
The way you doing against the Vetchman. I heard you killed 3 of his men.

Like the lord swept in on some ^!$$% mourning,
You swung your might scythe and them heathen heads rolled off, baby
You're a killing machine. All the good, you're doing something else.

[Verse 2:]
It's all on you, is you gonna change or stay the same? ^!$$%,

You can do anything and everything, yeah, you
Can be strong if you just believe, yeah, you
Can make dreams a reality

See I was born in the hood, my father wasn't around
Georgia Av., Uptown, was where my heart got found
Yeah I did what I did, I want the youngins to know

They can be better than me by being theyself alone
Leaving streets alone, I told the friend way before
Could've been the next A.I. but I guess it was home

The hood chains ^!$$%s and now my ^!$$% ain't living
Half my ^!$$%s dead or locked up in prison
I ain't trying to the best, I'm trying to be the best me

But life is like a bad (*##$, ain't no wetting
And chocolate city still exists in Southeast
So we going against the grain, it's up to you to make a change


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Thanks to maria.01215