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UPON ASHES : Fated feat. Ryan Bains (Between Breathing) lyrics

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UPON ASHES lyrics : "Fated feat. Ryan Bains (Between Breathing)"

Innocent yet hell awaits me, mentally in distress.
If you say you died for our sins, I want justice.
The bodies around me burn, in this miscreation.

I can't believe I'm fated to Eternal Damnation.

A look at my reflection, and I begin to see, the life I chose to live is haunting me.

My only sin was choosing not to believe in you.
My ignorance has lead me susceptible to the devils tricks.

You could have shown your face. You should have instilled faith. All my life I've been searching for you, while you hid and laughed, watching me walk blindly.

Take my mother$#&@ing life, cunt.

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