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UPON A BURNING BODY : Righteous Kill lyrics

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UPON A BURNING BODY lyrics : "Righteous Kill"

I've been to hell and back againWaging wars with all who step before my eyesRedemption is the sweetest taste that I have come to know in natures wrathI will be there for the questioning, and to satisfy your hunger for thereckoningYou'll acknowledge all my power, reaping all your dealings while breakingevery feelingYou must abandon everything, goWhile revealing all your secrets to meA righteous man before me stands a hero in these filthy landsStart devouringSavages you're invitedNo more can they be guardedThrough the fire, this is suffering in its entiretyOpen up and wage the sufferingTurning rotting flesh to wallsYou must block the sun from the chosen oneKneel before your [email protected]$( sonI am the chosen one, to hell and back again

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