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UPON A BURNING BODY : Intermission lyrics

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UPON A BURNING BODY lyrics : "Intermission"

Steady from the ground upTake it downLine 'em up so they can get knocked downThis room is up in smoke, I'm gonna $#&@ing chokeWelcome to the jungleThe daily ritual has begunLets blow the roof off of this mother$#&@er and get looseBounce, til the break of dawnWe will be going strongThe wheel of death has come for everyoneThis is a real song about our real lives so put your drinks up causetonight we're gonna party like its 1999This party's done but the next one has just begunNot drunk is he who from the floor can rise alone and still drink moreBlackoutThis is the anthem of our new generationSo lets take it all downThis is our anthem, get down(Yo whadup (*##$ we got it from the east to the south, I'm talking about aburning body mother $#&@er! I want glasses up, San Antonio I'm a methfarmer)Here's to you, here's to meThe best of friends we'll always beBut if we should disagreeTo hell with you and here's to meCHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!Take it downNow we're falling, the ground keeps callingSet 'em up, knock 'em down

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