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UPON A BURNING BODY lyrics : "Heat"

It never stopsWe're living in a world of hatred, everything that you have ever loved willsufferDear God if you're here listening, don't you $#[email protected] fail me nowBecause its never too late to dieDon't waste my mother$#[email protected] timeHatred, hatred kills the things you love to pass the timeThe sick and weak are the ones who get left behindYour only hope is certain deathYour only hope is certain deathIts gonna $#[email protected] kill us allDe-evolutionized and cursedWe're turning back, [email protected]#$We're becoming animals, killing instinctivelyIve watched you fall a partOpen your eyesEnjoy the serenade cause it wont last forever Everything is so beautifulEnjoy the serenade, it wont last foreverEverything is so beautifulThis ones out to all the shattered bruised and broken soulsHold on tight cause there's no stops to where we're goingHold on tight, it never stopsYou're living in a world of hatredEverything that you have ever loved will sufferDear God if you're here, don't you, don't you $#[email protected] fail me nowWho's ever fantasized to live forever?How could you be so blind?The simple truth lies in us allWhen will this all be over?Withholding knowledge from the innocent to become immortalWheres your $#[email protected] heart?It's gonna kill us all

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