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UP FOR NOTHING : When The Clock Strikes Twelve lyrics

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UP FOR NOTHING lyrics : "When The Clock Strikes Twelve"

Where will you end up when the clock strikes twelve
A story in the world that no-one ever lives to tell
Your the first to complain and the last to make a change

I'm the last to let go with the fire in my soul

Slow and steady wins the race I'm gonna spit your words back in-your-face

Now theres a time to walk and theres a time to fight
I'm gonna play this out until I get it right
Silence has replaced the fear that the world counts down and end is near

Now the bombs are falling down with tides and thunder
If we don't die first we'll kill each other

Over and over my mind goes through the end
Will the ocean, wind, or terror threats win our thoughts from now to then
I want a peaceful night with a side of life to live on my own time

And if I fall before my time to go I gonna live before I die

I never wanted this to be

A life thats been taken from me
Can't close my eyes and run away
From all the lives that fell before they could become themselves

Slow and steady wins the race I'm gonna spit your words back in your face
There was a time to see the way the world should be

Those days are what you'll never get to see
Violence has replaced the fear now the world counts down and the end is near
When the world is falling down you start to wonder

If the life you lived, lived through another

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