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UP FOR NOTHING : Rob The Minister lyrics

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UP FOR NOTHING lyrics : "Rob The Minister"

If today brings forth the sunset
Will tomorrow bring forth the pain that I feel today?
Or will my thoughts just fade into my dreams tonight?

It's tearing down my heart
Waiting for the strongest bonds to fall apart
Feeling every spoken tragedy

When tomorrow comes I won't remember anything

If all I see around me

Are the only things I believed in sail away
Into the heart and the mind of whatever you throw my way
I've seen this all before

I hide away what I can't ignore
I see through you
I see whatever you want me too

Nothing that I've ever seen lasts forever
When you close your eyes the world turns grey

If the emptiness of heart is filled with opinion change
Then the person that you are is just a face

One day I'll cross your path
And you won't look me in my face
Cause you know, that I know

And you know that I can't sleep
Till rob the minister comes back to me

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