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UP FOR NOTHING : It's Time To Breathe lyrics

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UP FOR NOTHING lyrics : "It's Time To Breathe"

Spent a long time looking for today
Spent my life being hard to understand
I want to lose control but I can't show it

I'm feeling every last mistake I've made
I'm counting down the world inside my head
I want to lose control but I can't show it

I said I want every day to be this way
Will time run out before the morning comes our way?

It's hard for me to see
That life comes down to the world that's always counting down you and me

Still breaking in
The thought of losing everything
It's time to breathe

And take in all you've ever loved
It's not the last time
But it's time to be the one

That says good-bye while he still can
And regrets nothing in the end

I Don't Want To Be the One Who's Always
Waiting to See what No one can show me
Here comes the last time

Here come the dreams that follow
Here comes the painful realization there's no tomorrow.

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