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UP FOR NOTHING : Behind The Wheel lyrics

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UP FOR NOTHING lyrics : "Behind The Wheel"

We play in a punk rock band and we're rockin through state lines
Ten nights eight guys and one van all the ambition in the world
We're driving though New Jersey, Philly then off to Buscemi

Mellencamp lessons in Beach Grove

What a ride through the heart of the city

Singing songs at the top of our lungs
It's been a hell of a ride having the times of our lives
Through the days, and living dreams all through the night

As the sun goes down the night's taken over my soul
And as the music plays theres no holding back at all

We're on our way heading up and down the interstate
Only to find the one true passion of our lives
Head on full steam the only thing we'll ever need

Is our hearts to feel the love that comes behind the wheel

Acoustic night to fill in for canceled Orlando

Next stop is Jacksonville walking through the drive through
Vinnie's cousin Amanda Has found us fantastic place to stay
Next stop is RVA and tattoos on both wrists for memories

We're driving back up the northern roads to make our way back
Down the streets we we always called our home to plan the next one

These are the times we hold close to us rest stops, punk rock engulfing us
A true song and the hopes of where we'll go as the road takes us to the next show

We're driving back down the south east coast
We're driving back out to the west coast

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