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UP AHEAD FT. LEON & FERDI : Tyler Ward - Mary Song Cover lyrics

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UP AHEAD FT. LEON & FERDI lyrics : "Tyler Ward - Mary Song Cover"

She let her hair fall down beside him
As the tears fell on his feet
She had given more then who she was

To the world

Will you hold her up or let her fall

Or stand strong without wavering
Cause she's descending, she's breakin down
The words she speaks is just another plea

And you take away, please take away my pain
I need this change, things will never be the same

He looked her in the eye with passion
When he spoke the word that said it all

No matter what you've done
I'll love you and I'll love you through it all

I'll hold you up when it's tearing you down
Stand mighty strong without wavering
With just a word, I will lift you up

A word of love can change anything

I'll take away, I will take away your pain

You need this change, things will never be the same

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