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UNWRITTEN LAW : Stop To Think lyrics

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UNWRITTEN LAW lyrics : "Stop To Think"

I've got this feelin' and I know that something just ain't right
there's something wrong with me, can't eat, can't think, can't sleep at night
maybe the empire's falling down

I hope that I won't be around
stop to think
I've tried to fight, I think I'm right

but who the $#&@'s to say
I've heard your views on the evening news
they're played out every $#&@ing day

I think the end is coming down
I hope that I won't be around
stop to think

I stop to think that maybe everything's alright
and maybe that's a waste of time
be all that you can be, there's nothing left to see

well now that's not good enough for me
stop to think

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