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UNWRITTEN LAW : Nick & Phil lyrics

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UNWRITTEN LAW lyrics : "Nick & Phil"

"What's going on. Get the $#&@ up and give us a call on my mobile
phone. I'm gonna have to phone you down the road. It's Jamo, how
are you bro. we are just listening to your CD, give us a ring. You are

a $#&@iing genius. I love you man. Give us a ring. Get up. What the
$#&@. We are on a 4 11 13 day binge. Things haven't stopped man,
things haven't stopped. I hope everything's $#&@ing going great.

There is no rear vision mirror. There is nothing, it is so well beamed
but I just know its the Aussie 14 days. Anyway chill. $#&@ing take it
easy and I love your $#&@ing $$#. Take it cool man, ring me dude,

whatever you gotta do. Rock On"

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