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UNWRITTEN LAW : Close Your Eyes lyrics

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UNWRITTEN LAW lyrics : "Close Your Eyes"

There once was a kid who lived just down the street
A quater block from me
He shaved off his hair, put boots on his feet

And said this was his country
The day came around and the %#@! all went down
And too late to see the light

He was caught up and shot up in a fight
Won't you close your eyes
There once was a kid from South Central L.A.

Who threw up his set all day
All dressed in blue nothing to do
Said "hey man, what set you claim"

The blood pulled a nine
And threw up his sign, then let the trigger slide
And he was, caught up and shot up in a fight

Life can get cut short so
Try to stay in line
You wanna be a man

But this %#@! happens all the time
So let's just all hang out
Don't give a $#&@ about what they say

Cause they're all lame
And we're all still the same
Won't you close your eyes

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