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UNWORTHY SAINTS : The Prophecy lyrics

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UNWORTHY SAINTS lyrics : "The Prophecy"

Verse 1
tears in my eyes like I only have one song/

Unworthy sacrifice, every day I sin, God/
Jesus Loves me, but everyday I've been wrong/
He's knockin on the door, but I've been gone/

I'm in a state of depression it's feelin sicknen/
with a pain, Heavy Heart, it's like a critical condition/
with this high pressure, feel da blood thicken/ I'm

so ashamed cuz I'm not a good Christian/
frustrated cuz I know that I should listen/
this mission that I'm given I'm not livin, yes I need direction/

Lord I need correction, I need His mercy to cover and bring perfection/
and lift me from depression/ new
Heavenly reception for eternity connected/

and the only one rejected was my Jesus now I am accepted/
He never let me go, Jesus ain't lettin go/
the sin that it's in my life it's about time I let it go!

Reachin out to me, Lord don't let me go/

all my sin you forgave, I let it go/
I praise Jesus! no more depression!
I praise Jesus! I praise Jesus!

Verse 2
Dear Lord I bring you sacrifice/

even though I know it isn't even close to half the price
my Messiah came, the wage of sin is paid/
in exchange for me, sacrificially His life He laid/

Christ slain faced pain, destroyed His appearance/
MY LORD! I'm unworthy of your grace!

But Thank you for the strength, to allow me to run the race/
victory and I'm included in His sovereignty
He is my Lord, He is my rock, forever God to me/

Christ came to my aid when I was sick/
now I be in accountability, disciple Ship/
no more depression, I look to the sky/

He's limitless I know the Father God is sittin on high/
soli deo gloria, that's why I write this/

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