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UNWORTHY SAINTS : Rolling in the Deep Christian Remix lyrics

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UNWORTHY SAINTS lyrics : "Rolling in the Deep Christian Remix"

Let the beat ride for a minute/
matter fact I take it back I'm comin in it/
ain't No beginnin no endin my God eternally grindin/

Sittin chillin readin through the word I been reminded/
I'm Holy accordin to His mercy, I've been designed by
God the Father He came at about the perfect time, was/

hittin rock bottom the Father He got me climbin/
I'm extendin my hand and reachin to the Father before I'm drownin/
King up on His throne He deserves to be crowned, and/

He deserves praise from the sky to the ground/
Amazing Grace how sweet it sounds I'm
Makin words come together you never knew could ever rhyme and/

I can play the background, let the Lord drive me/
I can take the passenger, the Lord right beside me/
Christ He died gave life no IV/

righteous light so bright, like I be/
walkin by the spirit I'm movin controllin my body/
faith is a life style this is not a hobby

Down on my knees hands closed, tight knuckles/
King of the whole Earth, demons they tremble/
Invitation to His castle, arm extended like rapunzel/

have you ever seen a lion in the jungle?
I'm runnin holdin the Word, no fumble/
no runnin back to the life of sinnin

we're receivin an inheritance we're given by the Father to us
He let's it unload, it's like a bundle/
so now I'm called to rap, we got an awesome dad/

erasin everything single thing that we consider bad child of God I'm exactly that
arms bouncin in the air like a hacky sack/
call em chiropractor cuz my Jesus had my back/

and after that my path of rappin is actually braggin of
Heaven, that's my new home, call it habitat/
the habit of the sin that I committed, I ain't havin that

it only happens that, I been delivered/
to the sender on a new agenda livin wit a mission/
listen I'm forgiven by the risen now I'm spittin/

and I'm livin with the reason that I'm driven been forgiven by da cleansa/
He rose higher than my eyes can see/
God is great and He's bigger than my prize could be/

regenerated now I hate who I tried to be/
now I'm a saint, thank God that He died for me/
all my sin paid off given life for free/

which means every day I die to me/
every day I die made alive in He/
Jesus my Messiah on high is He/

with that double edge sword that'll pierce em/
pierce through the ear lobe, shot through the ear drum/
word come sharp like a dagger to the flesh/

rappers brag that they best but I brag about the best/
and by the best I mean the Holy one who overcame the flesh/
and showed everybody up, and you say that you best/

your standards kinda low judgin by my book/
no limbo, God's standards like the high jump/
standin tall but my God lookin higher/

my God is eternal never change or retire/
now I'm all about the Canon no Nick no Mariah/
GIVE MY ALL by faith, no liar/

wait... and I'm waitin for that One Sweet Day/
that's the plan been changed from a Boy to a Man/
ownin' em the sin that I'm ownin up/

and I'm knowin I wasn't bold enough cuz my Luke warm wasn't cold enough
wasn't old enough to understand that God was showin up/
but now I'm growin up my Spirit in me is blowin up/

I was so sick I'm surprised I ain't throwin up
live by works? We can show enough!
Braggin and boastin and talkin up the Father I'm showin off/

swagger commotion of walkin on water it throws me off/
back on the motion of properly flowin God is the
commonly thought of the author and Father rock and the know it all/

but more than the commonly thought of, He really is/
and the believer who believes in the truth is not delirious/
and though I'm braggin a nd full of a joy you see I'm serious/

you curious I'm talkin based on the Bible, truth and experience/
was goin to hell to I came with apology/
took a look into my anatomy and mind like psychology/

now I look beyond this world like astronomy/
YOLO not the answer, like faith in this economy/
Barack Obama Biden and Ryan and Romney/
can never solve the problem of sin in this world, so tell your mommy/
and daddy and family and friends about the God/

and the greatest news you ever heard in your life,
He came with a covenant like a Husband and Wife/
and showed us the way to live in the faith and to be a Salt and a Light/
He came and did it right in order for us to be a like/
so believers come together under God we unite

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