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UNWORTHY SAINTS FEAT. RYNO : Desperation lyrics

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UNWORTHY SAINTS FEAT. RYNO lyrics : "Desperation"

So desperate for the Lord.
Featuring Ryno on the Chorus.

Lord I write this in desperation, I need restoration/
I'm feelin it unleash inside, every breathe is taken/
I've indulged in sin without reservation/

my heart is broken, but I continue with no hesitation/
temptation's callin me, I see my soul dangle/
made a new creation but I feel like a fallen angel/

feels like I'm zonin' out, Lord I broke the vow/
I tasted Heaven, saw clearly but now I see the clouds/
no respect for the King, I don't even bow/

call myself disciple but I travel on a different route/
recalculatin Hades came the cave of Satan/
hate and blame, flames sin programmed, operatin/

system updated now my lungs feelin air tight/
I've experienced a whole new fahrenheit/
I'm blowin flames so you better hold ya fan tight/

take a look and say my life is perfect, yeah right/

I'm in a storm, reborn, reformatted/
now I'm called a Christian but honestly I'm poor at it/
let me renew my faith, fix me up, renew my face/

my life is filthy kill me really guilty, don't deserve your grace/
steady pace, feels like I'm in a different place/
my heart, I feel it race feels like my heart, it needs replace/

this life is full of wickedness I cry because I chase/
that which I know not to embrace but it's so hard to change/
Christ overcame everything in my way/

this idea of redeemed is dream if I don't believe/
salvation we receive listen/
people please don't be deceived, by the greed like Adam and Eve/ tree

acknowledge that this knowledge isn't college any scholar/
oughta solve the greatest problem without the Spirit Son and father/
it can't happen, I took a respite/

but He came for His lost sheep, I'm so desperate/

break loose grape juice with that grey goose/
I'm in a cage fightin rage, Christ gave truth/
I need to see that what I know is really great news/

my run home's so efficient no Babe Ruth/
so off when I walk like lame shoes/
High price for my sins Christ paid dues/

regenerated recreated so I'm made new/
He is my KING I no longer say I hate you!
I am dirty but, to the Lord I came to/

He took my sin took my blame took my shame too/
and my wishes for a purpose really came true/ He's callin
back His sheep don't forget the love He gave you/

so the moral of the story is the glorious/
God is notorious for His perfection and Holiness/
faithfully lovin despite the shortcomings of man/

I'm called a child of God, forever in His hands/

I'm so in need of da King, so I sing, and I bring everything
to His feet

I'm so amazed by the grace through the faith that He gave and He saved
my soul

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