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UNTIL WE ARE GHOSTS : Wearing Thin lyrics

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UNTIL WE ARE GHOSTS lyrics : "Wearing Thin"

I'm not saying that your wrong, but I know that I'm right
And this is happening for the hundredth $#&@ing time.
I'm doing everything I can, to keep this from falling apart, again.

This constant fighting, leaves me questioning, why we're together.

You made your mark on me, that will last forever.

Just as eyes close, the truth emerges from us both.

In this darkness, we face an overbearing feeling that we are alone.

We found ourselves, at this crossroad, of uncertainty, and cruel intention.
The face of the faithless (has made us feel vacant).
I know you feel like giving up but I'm not giving up on you.

I'm letting the wind take my wings and show me the way.
Guiding along and never letting me stray.

My destination is where I belong, I'll find my place and I'll be strong.
With each passing moment, these memories plague me.
And as much as I need you, I know that we can't be.

If you leave it will tear into me, exposing my heart, a crater dug so deep can never be refilled.
I need to come clean, I need to cut this rope.

Suspending hope in a home that's filled with ghosts.
But I will hold this close until we are ghosts.

And suddenly we fade to gray, perspectives not the same.
But this is my choice and I'm not saying that you're wrong, but I know that I'm right
And this is happening for the hundredth $#&@ing time.

And I will hold this home despite suspended hope.
And I will keep this close until we are ghosts.

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