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UNTIL WE ARE GHOSTS : Hourglass lyrics

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UNTIL WE ARE GHOSTS lyrics : "Hourglass"

This isn't moving on.
This is going forward and this has only made the man I truly am
Weakness wears me down, till I have nothing left.

This is what I've done.

I've blamed others for my lack of sleep

But this is me growing up
And understanding why the less, I have left in this hourglass of life
The less I have left, the faster it passes me by.

Not everything goes wrong.
I need to focus more on myself, and what is ahead of me.

You can't control, every aspect of life, but you can prepare for whats to come.
I'm breathing slowly and thinking about what is right for me.
It's just me, holding back and not pushing my life

I just look around blame, when I don't even try.
I'm just looking for a reason, and standing on this hill full of my mistakes
my power and my will.

Searching for the answers, that I know I'll never find, but I want to find.
But this is what I need, I need to face my fears.

I've learned the ones who are closest to me, have only seen the man I used to be.
But I'm still fighting all my fears, and it feels like Im alone.
Because depression knows my weakness, he knows my brittle bones

I'm not giving up on life
I'm just trying to find the line between

Whats worth dying for and whats not worth my time

This is who I am, and now I understand.

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