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UNTIL DAWN : This Fallen Fortress lyrics

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UNTIL DAWN lyrics : "This Fallen Fortress"

You killed this man to compensate for your lies,
To all these people left aside.
A crew here to force up rise,

A clan that will forge your demise.
And we will stand here strong.
To let this fortress decay and let it fall from you're loose grip.

To let this dawn awaken let it shine to lead this path,
That's been long forsaken, a path we'll take until our death.
This life it isn't perfect, but it isn't over yet.

With the leaders broken we can finally look and see what fits.
In the trench they're choking, gripping, grasping for their every

Bringing on a new out look, bringing on new mentality.
To forge through all this regret, this new reality, now!
Light the doors, the one called false hope.

Let it fill with all we know, to show the depths of this world.
To go where we've never gone, and learn the secrets that we wield.
Now shown this secretes revealed.

To hold strong, to have and to hold.

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