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Unseen : Torn And Shattered (Nothing Left) lyrics

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Unseen lyrics : "Torn And Shattered (Nothing Left)"

Now what can you do?
It seems that nothing is left for you
Nothing but torment

Torture and despair
It rips apart right at the seams
Yet they ignore your silent screams

That presence of pain
Is so overwhelming

Nothing left at all
And when it's laid to rest
And it seems like nothing is left

How could you carry on in this world

Yea torn away was all that mattered

And all of your hopes
And dreams are now shattered
Smashed and scattered

Like glass into pieces
And now you walk alone
And glass can easily slice

Right down to bone
All it takes is the will
For self destruction

Nothings left at all

They want you to think
That there's nothing left,
Don't let them make you think

That' there's nothing left
There is nothing left

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