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Unseen : Such Tragedy lyrics

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Unseen lyrics : "Such Tragedy"

So let the truth be told yea,
We got so much horror (terror)
Robbed at gunpoint bullets for you

Another story on the morning news
A drug deal gone bad takes a life
Sliced deep ear to ear

By the tip of a knife
Blood flow drowns his final breath
You took his life but you got your fix

So you pray to god you pray for help
Why won't he save us all from this hell

Have faith in the holy father, yeah his brutality scares your daughter
13 is the unlucky number

Suicidal dreams that she now harbors
Pray for life
As your condemned to hell

Revenge comes and haunts you
In your cell
As you're raped think of her

Blood and tears
Yea not even god can save you here

So you pray to god, you pray for help
Why won't he save us from this hell?

Why can't you see such tragedy?
Depressing reality, just look around

Why can't you see it sickens me
To no end
All the hatred, injustice, dishonesty,

It's all I see such tragedy

I share none of that pride that part of me has long since died

A generation
On the brink of destruction
A world saturated in corruption

You think this is the American dream?
You must be so sound asleep
I toss and turn

Through with wretched nightmare
I'm one of many forced to suffer

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